Pre-Exit Planning

Achieving the greatest valuation at exit is what every Private Equity firm strives to accomplish.  Our services are custom designed to supplement your firm to achieve the greatest multiple possible.  We have worked with companies to increase the multiple from 1 to 3 times and in some case avoid liquidation or reduced value.

EBITDA Improvement Strategy service is a key offering to improve the growth and EBITDA of portfolio companies.  This Private Equity focused service works with your operating partners and the portfolio company management to realize quick improvements to the bottom line that translate to EBITDA improvement.  Whether it is new sales channels or cuts to expense, add-on acquitions or selling non-performing assets a detailed short term EBITDA improvement strategy is developed and vetted to all involved.  Execution of the plan can be carried out by our staff or yours.

Liquidation Assesments sometimes is required for non-performing acquistions.  Before the decision to exit is finalized a review of the current state of assets by our team of turn around specialist can shed some light on the cost of liquidating or investing in a turn around plan. 


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