Operational Excellence

As close advisors to the C-suite, we first take a look at your company so that we can master your vision. Employing our expertise in finance, technology and operations, we look to determine what you see as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your company’s strategic advantage. This provides an integral analysis of what needs to be accomplished.  In concert with this vision and mission, we look at the current systems and processes that are in place to determine your company’s overall vitality. Yielding a bounty of meaningful information,  we customize assessments of the various components of your business framework to identify the challenges that create stumbling blocks to your competitive advantage. 

This process may reveal difficulties in your financial reporting that require a new methodology. It may show that the technology you have can be put to better use if organized differently. Or, it may expose problems in the way that your management team functions and communicates to your employees.

Whatever the outcome, our management consulting services will address all of these types of issues by identifying the steps necessary to correct the problem or problems and attain your goals. Perhaps there is a transition that must be made, an operational or financial turnaround that is required, a transition that requires guidance for effective implementation or a host of other possibilities. Reference Systems has a breadth of experience that can help move your company forward towards accelerated productivity and increased profitability. 

Transition Management services are based on the "William Bridges" methodology of change.  For a portfolio company achieving operational excellence change will be inevitable.  Minimizing the discomfit associated with change requires a Transition Management Team.  We lead your TMT through the intricacies of the transition by establishing a transition management team to guide management, stakeholders and employees will consistent communication that achieves increased transaction attainment and greater profitability. 

System Implementation since our founding, world class organizations of all sizes have used our system implementation (SI) services to augement thier core technology capabilities to harness todays technology to meet thier  businesses requirements.  Whether it is an initial needs analysis that will build out a network of computers or resolving an existing problem with your current technology we are here as your technology experts.  [Click for our Technology Services]

Project Management is quite different than managing the day-to-day functioning of your business.  Due to the temporary nature of projects, your organization needs to work with a company that has the skills and strategies that will help you achieve your stated objectives while managing the restrictions of scope, budget and time. To do this, the methodology used is of prime import as it sets the tone as to how a project proceeds towards successful completion. At Reference Systems, a hallmark of our Project Management service includes utilizing our proprietary implementation methodology (RSIM) that has successfully managed over 300 projects. Yet, we are easily capable of using your methodology as well or to create one that is unique to the project at hand. While some people waste time arguing over which one to use, Reference Systems offers you flexibility of choice as we harness our vast experience in technology, operations and finance and apply it to project management to bring your project in on time, on budget and on target. 

Process Enhancement Service is a key offering to improve the growth and EBITDA of portfolio companies.  Our PE service focuses on working with your team to "prevent" versus "putting out fires".  We follow a multi-step process first suggested by the Balance Scorecard Institute to identify key components of the process, reduce waste and improve efficiencies.  

1, 2 and 3 year Assesment  services are geared for the company within your portfolio that is not meeting thier initial expectations.  We perform a 360 degree review of company to identify obstacles preventing the company from breaking through and present to key stakeholders recomendations for improvement.  Our involvement can continue to implement the change recomendation or turn the plans over to your staff.

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