Our services are tailored to augment the investing firm in confirming thier upcoming acquisition will be a fit for thier portfolio. We understand the process that you apply, the due diligience that your internal organization has performed, that you have worked the deal to bring the potential investment to fruition and now you need to verify that the details are complete.  We offer services that augment and validate your staffs findings.

Due Diligence Assesment is our service where we review the acquisition for completeness.  We apply an analysis of the current finances, operations and technology of the target company to be acquired.  This assesment will produce a report of the strength of the company to stand on its own.  We then evaluate the target company as an integrated component of the new merged company.  This second assesment produces a second report of the strength post acquistion with areas to be focused on during the 90 day plan.  

Transition Planning is based on the "William Bridges" methodology of change.  For the investing firm in the pre-acquitision phase change will be inevitable for the new portfolio company.  Establishing a transition management team to guide management, stakeholders and employees will assure a consistent communication, increased transaction attainment and greater profitability. 

M & A Rollout Strategy is our sevice to develop or review the plan to acquire the portfolio company and then over time add on additional assets in the form of small acquistions that will increase the multiples to allow the Private Equity firm to achieve its exit strategy on schedule. 


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