Is Your Business Socially Aware?

by Rand Manasse

This is an article about your businesses ability to be socially aware.  The question that conjures up in your mind might be “Why does a business need to be socially aware?”  And what does that really mean?  Does it mean that your business needs to meet other businesses?  Do I need to get my business an account on  Should it learn how to hold a meaningful conversation with another business while juggling a drink in one hand and a dish of hors d’oeuvres in another?  … No not at all.  

Social awareness for business is about how much your business reaches into the Social Medias to find new customers,   Or better yet how social media can drive new customers to your virtual door front.

We all know how social media has become the latest Internet phenomenon. It is hard to go through the day without Wall Street, main street or someone at your kitchen table talking about Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instragram or the next new way to interact socially.  When that happens the question you have to ask yourself is how my business interests adapt to the latest change and why should I adapt to the new business model.

Lets First Address Why Should I?

People throughout the world are using social networking sites to connect with each other.

The barrier to human interaction has once again been brought down.

With social media sites like Facebook, one can connect with the family and friends. With sites like LinkedIn, one can connect with colleagues and business professionals. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram allow people with similar visual and creative interests to connect by sharing visually appealing images.

Of the 7 billion people in the world, an estimated 2 billion are using the Internet.

And an estimated 67% of people using the Internet use social networking.

With over a billion people using social media throughout the world, business leaders continue to look into the social opportunity.  The obvious attraction is if we can extend our existing sales into this new channel the increase in EBITA would be great.

The Digital Revolution

We have heard this term for many years going back as far as the 1980.  Some people refer to the Digital Revolution as the third industrial revolution for the way it has changed the landscape of the way we work and play. Social media is the next evolution in the Digital Revolution.

Computers and the Internet were the first stages of the modern Digital Revolution. Search engines and mobile devices continued the evolution and now social media takes the revolution even further.

Social Awareness

The appeal of social media in this revolution is that it humanizes the cold hard aspects of the digital world by allowing people to congregate and connect with each other.

For centuries, humans have congregated in tribes and communities.

The Digital Revolution has broken down location barriers. Humans are now able to connect with each other no matter where they are in the world.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the others give people the opportunity to connect with family, friends and those that have similar interests and worldviews.

Photos, news items, stories, facts, entertainment and family events all connect people and social media is the channel that fuels this information and connection.

Businesses that understand the connective nature of social media are the ones that will find success with creating social awareness for their image and products.   During the industrial revolution you would want to have your business on a busy street in an industrial city like New York or London.  During the Digital Revolution you want to have your business socially aware on a busy site like Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Social awareness for business is the top of the funnel strategy for the Digital Revolution.

People connecting on Facebook and Twitter are not looking to make purchases. However, they are open to finding information.  Businesses that provide information to help their target customer will raise the awareness of the brand and will find success by getting consumers into the top of their sales funnel.

For example, it seems silly for someone to be friends with or to follow a brand like Kleenex.

However, if Kleenex were to share information about how to fight the common cold and provide daily tracking of cold outbreaks it would be something a person would be interested in while using social media. The content makes the person follow Kleenex and become aware of the brand.

Social media is fueled by content, interaction and discovery.

Businesses that understand this nature will find the most success with social media. These will be the companies that are socially aware.

Next Steps

This is an introduction to Business Social Awareness.

In the coming months we will review further details about Social Media and what your business should be doing to increase sales through social media.

Topics will include:

·       Social Markets

·       Social Media Users

·       New Channels for Existing Products

You’ve seen the numbers. You’ve read the articles.

Now it’s time to understand social media and the opportunity it presents for your business.

As always, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. If you need help in building value into your business, contact me on my direct line at 914.666.0830 or


To your success!




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