People & Core Values Form the Heart & Soul of a Company.


by Rand Manasse

If Core values shape the business and become its soul then people working in the company must be the heart of the company. 

Whole Foods Market Core Values


Core values are part of the people in the company. Often, the founders of the company will have their own core values and those will become part of the company. If the company hires based on those values the company will live on and become great with those core values remaining vital to the success of the company.


Forming Your Team Around Core Values


Zappos has done a good job of hiring people that are aligned with the core values and not selling shoes online. When people are aligned with the core values they are more likely to stay with the company through times of change. The business is more likely to endure through change because the core values never change.


Another example of a company that has changed yet remained constant in core values is 3M. The company started as a mining venture over 100 years ago. The mining industry has obviously changed since then and in that time 3M has changed as well. When the mining industry went into decline, 3M needed to change its direction and industry in order to remain relevant.


3M focused on its core values of finding solutions to problems through creative solutions. With those core values in mind the company was able to successfully branch out into new industries. People would join 3M based on the creative nature and innovative spirit. As the industry changed the company remained true to its core values and has found lasting success.


Focusing the team around core values instead of the industry you currently work in is vital to your lasting success. When people join based on vague industries they are more likely to leave when things change or even worse they are likely to lose focus when change occurs.


Form your team based on core values and your company will be likely to succeed with great team members.




The next step for your company is to figure out your own core values. Look at yourself and the people in your company.


What defines you as people and as a company?


Here is one final example to help you get started.


Whole Foods entered the competitive food industry. The company is defined by the core value of healthy eating. This core value is what attracts top talent. People that are interested in healthy eating are drawn to the company.


Now, the idea of healthy eating doesn’t necessarily apply only to selling groceries. Whole Foods could change course in the future and that is likely to be the case.


Core values start with the leadership of the company. Everyone needs to figure out what they are passionate about and what the company can succeed at. From there you will find your core values and once you have an idea you can begin building your team and your company around those core values.


It’s one of the keys to lasting success in business.


As always, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. If you need help in building value into your business, please contact me at 914.741.5200 or


To your success!





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